How can I show just border of Actor


I have a filled Actor
Now I want to view just Border of this actor
how can I do this?

How about vtkFeatureEdges?

thank you for your response

but I want to show border (or edge)

Please provide more information, including a sketch or illustrative figure. The best way to get a response from very busy developers is to make it easier for them to answer.


I have a shape like this photo

for showing this photo I have a vtkImagedata (in this code : ContourData) which the value of inside points have 255 and outsides are 0.
so I do in this way:

vtkNew<vtkImageResliceMapper> ContoureResliceMappers;

vtkNew<vtkLookupTable> lookupTable;
  lookupTable->SetTableValue(0, 0, 0, 0, 0); //set 0 opacity for outside values
  lookupTable->SetTableValue(1,0,1,0, 1); //set 1 opacity and green color  for outside values

vtkNew<vtkImageActor> ContoureSlices;

Now how can I show just Border(edge) of this shape
I mean this sides which is in between of reds lines in this photo:


That’s better, thanks.

I’ll throw out some ideas, but I suspect that there are medical computing folks that might have better ideas.

You are basically trying to generate a contour line. So use vtkDiscreteFlyingEdges2D. If you want the entire segmented object, use vtkSurfaceNets2D.

Thanks for your answer
but I think it’s can not be useful for my project.

because I want show also 3D , sagittal , coronal and oblique of that and by that way I can’t do that.

I also tried do that by vtkdelaunay3d but because I have a lot of points and this way take a lot of time .

so how can I do that ?