How can I use js files generated with itk-js?

Hi everyone, especially to you @thewtex :slight_smile:

I followed your instructions in this post : Porting C++ app to VTK.js and these helped me a lot. But I have no idea about how can I use builded .js or …wasm.js files. For example, this page. I examined this page’s github repository but I can’t understand.

Can you help me?

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Hi! If you’re using itk-js, have you looked at Hello World Node? It shows how to run your cross-compiled C++ in the node.js environment. In order to run it in the web browser, you can refer to the itk.js API docs, specifically runPipelineBrowser.


Thank you. I have looked this example already but I looked again after you said. And I understood much of it. I missed some parts.