How do I combine a slice image into a volume image after a paint (segmentation) operation?


I would like to check the area painted in the Volume Image after the Paint (For Segmentation) in the Slice Image.

Are there any examples or methods related to this?

I found

I want to make it like this.

Can I make it like above using only pure vtk.js?

I’m sorry that my English is weird.

Thank you always and I hope you stay healthy.

If you paint a labelmap (which is what the vtkPaintWidget example does), you can then render that labelmap volume in 3D. Alternatively, you can use ImageMarchingCubes or other volume-to-surface approach to render a surface.

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Thank you for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking at the example, I have a question.

  1. In the example (Paint Widget), I understood that “labelMap” has “ImageSlice” and should have a process of converting “ImageSlice” to “Volume Image”. (In the part where you answered)
    If what I understand is correct, how can I convert it?

  2. I thought the Paint Widget example was to paint on top of the original “Image Slice”, but it seems to paint on the transparent “Image Slice” on the “label Map”.
    I wonder if what I understood so far is right.

The paint gets applied to the underlying vtkImageData. vtkImageSlice is an actor class that slices a vtkImageData, so there’s no painting done on the actual actor. It’s all done on the underlying data.

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I succeeded in using paint Widget!

When I reviewed the basics again to attach this widget, other things became somewhat accessible.

Thank you!