How do you render VTK files of type STRUCTURED_POINTS?

I am trying to render a VTK file of type STRUCTURED_POINTS and am hoping for some guidance on how to approach this. I have done the following so far and have described where I am currently stuck:

I started off the project by using the VTI file upload example from the vtk website where you drop in a vti file and you are able to view it. I want to adapt the code so that VTK files of type STRUCTURED_POINTS can be dropped in and viewed.

In my research, my understanding is that I need to use a different reader. Instead of vtkXMLImageDataReader which is used in the VTI example, I should be using vtkXMLPolyDataReader. But, I still was getting issues.

Upon more investigation, I noticed that the VTK file I want to be viewed is of type STRUCTURED_POINTS, not POLYDATA. I found that there is a vtkXMLStructuredGridReader which I thought was the right route but noticed that in the @kitware/vtk.js folder, there is no such thing. vtkXMLReader is the last reader left but it doesn’t have the functions that are used in the vti example such as the .newInstance() and .parseAsArrayBuffer().

I am not too sure where to go from here. Any advice/guidance is very much appreciated.

Structured points data type is not implemented in VTK.js. It is very similar to Image Data. Can’t you use that instead ? What type of visualisation do you want to do with a Structured point ?
You may want to create a convenient XMLStructuredPointsReader that reads a STRUCTURED_POINTS file but generates a vtkImageData as output (look how XMLImageDataReader is implemented). If you do so, please contribute it back to VTK.js :slight_smile:

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