How should I understand when the description is empty in the official documentation?

Hello and thank you for reading this article!

I’m new to vtk.js and am learning by reading tutorials and official documentation.

However, there are often things in the official documentation that do not have explanations like the image above, and it is difficult to understand them.

I tried to understand the code by finding the code on vtk.js’s Github, but I can’t understand it just by looking at the code. I want to use vtk.js well, and I want to understand these things well.

It’s a vague question, but I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how to study vtk.js.

Thank you

Those calls are meant to create either the WebGL or WebGPU implementation with proper fallback when WebGPU is not available.

That example create the concrete RW directly but that line
const openGLRenderWindow = vtkOpenGLRenderWindow.newInstance();
could be replaced by
const openGLRenderWindow = renderWindow.newAPISpecificView();.

That’s all.

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Thank you for telling me!

I have additional questions. How can I understand the contents when the function information is empty in the official documentation?

I’m a bad example as I will just go to the code directly.

In general, the examples provided in vtk.js provide really good starting point.