How split image data with plane form DICOM images

I already have a series of DICOM images as CT of verts, I read it with vtkDICOMReader.
And use volume ray cast to transform as 3D image.
Now I need to split each vert by plane, and get slice of 3 dimensions.
How can I do that?

Are you try to say to do multi planar reconstruction ? If you do, you can find several documentation regarding this, here is a good one:
Of course, it’s in Python, but you can easily translate it in C++ if you wish.

P.S> Or here:

I’m sorry for my bad expression.
I know how to slice actually.
What I want to ask is “How to split imagedata into more object, I have plane data from normals and origins of normals”

Hey Guys!!
I am not clip my volume with two vtkPlane,
And new question is coming, The origin of this volume still not change.
That is weird to rotate my result.
Hot set origin to the center of the part I clipped??

With vtkObject->SetOutputOrigin(…)

P.S. See also this point: vtkImageReslice Output Appears to be "Shifted Up and to the Left" by one Pixel

But a new question comes, the slice I need is the area after clipping.
I’m trying to get use position of imagedata between the area.
then get the slice.
Is there any better way??