How to export renderer output in (vtk python) and used that exported info only to rendered results on other vtk python.

I want the rendering result on one pc from vtk python and just display rendered 3d data on the other pc by using some exported files?

is it possible to export vtk rendered files in python in a format that can be open on another pc with python and only shows the rendered results on screen? , if it is possible then how to export? and use exported data on the other end

Many formats are possible but I’d recommend vtk.js or gltf format.

can you please share any example here

here is my example , this rendering code is saving output attached as image you can see,

renWin = vtk.vtkRenderWindow()


now how can i view/render these jsons file in python? , I want to import these files and only render on python.

You can use the [deleted].

Nevermind, no such importer in VTK. @Sebastien_Jourdain should be able to help though.