How to load nrrd file types in vtk.js

Hi I am a student in college trying to do a project using vtk.js to visualize datasets. The prof. has given me medical volume images and segementation in nrrd format, which vtk.js does not support. Is there any tool available that can convert from nrrd to vti format. If there are no such tools available how can I do it?

Hi, you can use itk-js to read in NRRD files, and then use convertItkToVtkImage to convert the resulting ITK image into a VTK image.

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@Forrest is providing a good path forward, but you might also be able to use ParaView to load and convert your data in various format.

3D Slicer could also be another tool that is more medical oriented than ParaView.

Thanks @Forrest for the response. I will try it out and let you know.

Thanks @Sebastien_Jourdain. Yes I was able convert using the Paraview, however I think 3D Slicer only supports the legacy VTK format, as I did not find the vti or vtp format while trying to save the nrrd data in a different format.