How to make mesliced images have real physical coordinates?

How to correspond the coordinate points of this 2D image to the 3D volume data when using vtkImageResulice to re slice, that is, the coordinates of points that appear to be the same are the same. If I set it to correspond to a 3D image, then vtkResliceCursorRepresentation will not display correctly. Based on my reading code, I suspect that the image is placed on a flat surface, with the starting point of the plane aligned with the image (0, 0, 0). Therefore, I want vtkResliceCursorRepresentation to still display correctly after setting the true starting point in vtkImageResice SetOutputOrigin, I should need to set an offset between the starting point of the plane and the origin of the image. Is this approach correct and does it have such an interface?

After careful consideration, this request seems unreasonable