How to pick widget inside square

Gif above shows that, when dragged lineWidget inside a square, the widget cannot be selected. How to select the actor or widget in this scenario, on account of more interaction with the widget.
Any help will be appreciated.

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After a dozens of days, I have tried cellpicker, hardwareSelector, but all in vain. Here online code is everything I have so far.
If the widget is outside other stl or volume, I can straightforwardly use widget interactionEvent. However, in my senario, I have to interact with widget inside other volume.
Is there anyone can give some theory about how to drag widget out of vtkvolume. Thanks in advance.

You need to make those other objects not part of the picking. I’m not sure if that is respected, but on the actor, you have a flag for disabling picking. Hopefully that will make them invisible for the picking part.

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Dear Jourdain,
I tried your suggest actor.setPickable(false), it works like a charm! :sunny:
You are so dependable and impressed. Thank you very much.
Good luck, good work and sweet life.

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