How to restore the mouseHow to restore the mouse to click on the screen to make the model rotate and move to click on the screen to make the model rotate and move

I used Manipulators.vtkMouseBoxSelectorManipulator to create boxSelector

// build-MouseBoxSelectorManipulator
  const boxSelector = Manipulators.vtkMouseBoxSelectorManipulator.newInstance({
    button: 1,
  const iStyle = vtkInteractorStyleManipulator.newInstance();
      console.log('iStyle', iStyle);

      boxSelector.onBoxSelectChange(({ container, selection, view }) => {
       lientHeight, view, renderer);


After the above operations, I cannot rotate the model by clicking the canvas with the left mouse button and move the model with the Ctrl key;
How should I operate, and then restore the operation on the model when the box selection operation is removed.
I looking forward to your reply!

As shown in the GIF diagram, the model can be rotated or moved at first, but the model cannot be moved or rotated after frame selection

You need to register many manipulators (rotate, zoom, pan, …).

You can see that example and our usage of it here.

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Thanks your reply!
I will operate according to your suggestion!