how to rotate the camera like it does in the video

Hello, everyone, how to rotate the camera like it does in the vedio?

You need to set some target transforms, each one with the stoppened pose orientation.
According to those transforms you need to get axis of rotation, pivot point and delta_translstion. Then you need to do some linear interpolation of them.

I think a module on Slicer called transformProcessor does something like that, you may look at the code if you want

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The module on Slicer is on what?

Here is the link but i was wrong

There is no interpolation

But you can do it with the high level instructions I gave you I think

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how to set Slicer_DIR and CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX?

Please look at this

It is say nothing about the problem that I mentioned

Have a look at this section of the documentation about how to set Slicer_DIR.

CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is not used. You don’t have to enable experimental modules.