How to support CPU based integrated graphics card?

Hi, guys,
How to support CPU based integrated graphics card with VTK?

I am also solving this problem. The current solution is that if your collection display does not support Opengl3.2 or above, you can only run vtk7. x 8. x 9. x using a CPU. This speed will be very slow and seriously waste CPU performance.

Docker You can refer to this Docker deployment.

Of course, if your integrated graphics card supports Opengl3.2 and above, updating the Opengl version is sufficient.

You have a better solution, remember @ me.

My current scenario doesn’t even have a GPU, only CPU and NPU

I use vtk 9.0 and Qt 5.14, the display area can’t be shown at all on CPU based graphics card, it works well on GPU. Accroding to you, VTK can run but only slow.

Congratulations, I am still looking for a solution that can run on NPU, damn Huawei server