How to update contrast in all image slices in ResliceCursorWidget simoustanly

Hey is there a way in ResliceCursorWidget to update contrast / intensity in all the 3 views in the same time?
Now we can only change them separately,


This seems to be application specific and not really vtk.js related question, but I guess I can be wrong. Also if proxies are used you can define some property links that will bound several instances together. Unfortunately we don’t have any doc on proxies. But Glance can be use as a reference example of their usage.

Thank you for your answer, I don’t know if there is a function in vtkResliceCursorWidget that allows that, or if it can be achievable by an Event Listener that target mouse press horizontally / vertically.

I’m not familiar with vtkResliceCursorWidget but in general with vtk.js it is easy to listen to changes and therefore bind property changes…

The reslice cursor widget is not in charge of the Window/Level, it is done by the interactor style (vtkInteractorStyleImage) I believe.