How to update ResliceCursorWidget after setCenter


I’m using ResliceCursorWidget the same way used in the official website, I want to set the center with values I already have :
the problem is, in each render of the 3 views, the lines of the reslicer are not updated, but when I move the cursor then the lines are updated.

I tried to call updateViews or updateReslice (the methods that are in the official example) after the setCenter(), but it doesn’t update the lines!

PS: if you can see, the white sphere of the cursor, it is updated after the render,but the lines are not,

This is a simplified code I used;

viewAttributes.forEach((obj, i) => {
const viewType = xyzToViewType[i];
        .forEach((v) => {
                viewType: viewType,
                reslice: obj.reslice,
                actor: obj.resliceActor,
                renderer: obj.renderer,
                resetFocalPoint: false,
                keepFocalPointPosition: true,
                computeFocalPointOffset: false,
                sphereSources: obj.sphereSources,

In your simplified code, I do not see the onInteractionEvent part.
updateReslice() must be called each time there is an interaction.

Yes there is onInteractionEvent just after (I didn’t put it because it is the same as in the official example (with updateReslice() inside)).

yes but how to update the Reslice after setting the default center of the widget after each page refresh? because onInteractionEvent is requiring an interaction with the cursor

Did you try widget.setCenter([x,y,z]); instead of widget.getWidgetState().setCenter(x,y,z); ?

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Yes, it is working thank you so much