how to use remoteview?

Can remoteview call the regenerwindow generated by c++volume rendering? How to display the results of c++volume rendering on web pages through remoteview?

Could you explain better what is the issue as it should work out of the box. Also I’m guessing you are talking about trame? If so here is an example taken from vtk example website directly and converted to a trame app.

Hi, Does vtkRemote have to be used with trame or paraview-web?

The server uses the C++ volume drawing algorithm, how to display the results of the three-dimensional reconstruction to the front end, is it through the remoteview?

Sorry, but I think I’m getting lost. Are you using VTK? Or better, can you explain what you are trying to do with the stack you want to leverage?

I wrote the volume drawing algorithm in C++ code. The front-end is built with Java-Web, how to use vtkremoteview to remotely display the back-end volume drawing window to the web page?
The remoteviews I see on the Internet are all written in python, all use trame frameworks, etc., can my java-web projects also use these frameworks directly?

You mean Java Web Start? So are you trying to integrate JavaScript into a Swing UI?

To display the 3D results to the page through the VTK .js, does this process require VTKRemoteView?

Let me simplify the problem, now there is a vtkC++ body drawing result, I want to display the result window on the browser, can it only be done through the remoteview of the vtk .js, without the help of any third party technology like trame, paraview, etc

Yes you can use RemoteView with VTK directly. That is what you can see in that example.