How to use vtkjs to develop cpr function

Hello, I want to use vtkjs to develop the cpr function. I found out how to use vtk to develop the cpr function. Among them, vtkSplineFilter and vtkProbeFilter are used. I noticed that vtk Js does not have these two filters. Will these two filters be available in the future? Or do I have other alternatives? Thank you in advance for your answers!

I understand by CPR, Curved Planar Reconstruction, is that right ?

It is indeed not available in VTK.js, as of now, it is not in our roadmap. Contribution (or funding, i.e. a type of contribution) is welcomed :slight_smile:
An alternative is to implement it with ITK and make it available in VTK.js with itk.wasm.

Regards, Julien.

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Yes, I mean Curved Planar Reconstruction. I’ll get to know wasm. Thanks for your help!