how to use vtkRemoteview

how to use vtkRemoteview

I was looking at the example you gave and had a couple of questions. I Implemented the 3DGlyph example on the website and now would like to start sending files to a paraview server. My questions are

  • Are all user input functions moved to the backend? For ex, update the scalar range and all other user inputs are currently in the index.js file. And in the example given, just shows setting up a render window waiting to receive data from a server.
  • Do I use WSLink to upload a file from the client to the server?



Yes, when you aim to use remote rendering you have to update the server side so the rendering can reflect what you are doing.

You can use wslink to create rpc or even publish/subscribe for coordinating your client and server.

Maybe as a first step, it can be easier to do it using trame which also rely on wslink and the ParaViewWeb/vtk.js infrastructure.