Human Orientation Marker in vtk.js

As I see right now there is Cube and Axis orientation markers in the vtk.js,

I know 3D Slicer has this nice human marker too

If it is possible, but has not been a priority, we can could contribute if we can get some guidance.


The Orientation Marker Widget takes any actor as input.
I would say you can add such colored human body mesh in the Data folder of VTK.js and update the Orientation Marker Widget example to switch between a cube, an axis and such human body for demoability purpose.

Do you know where can i find that colored human body mesh? Which actor type should it be? CC’ing Andras to see if he has any input @lassoan

I found it here

Great! Then what should do with that vtp file in summary? Do I need to load it using polydata mapper and actor and configure orientation marker widget to accept it as config?

It would be nice indeed to let the developer choose between pre-defined correctly setup actors (cube, axis, body) while still allowing the developer to provide his own actor.