Image viewer / points - Dicom dataset.

Hi everyone,

I need to take manually some coordinates from a dataset DICOM. The idea is developed some image viewer to see the images and then with the cursor place two points and generate a json file of them.

Is it possible to do that? Are there examples? Thanks!

You can configure 3D Slicer to pop up a window, activate point placement in slice and/or 3D views, and save the point coordinates in a json file. It is probably less than 10 lines of Python code in total (most of the code is for hiding parts of the application that your users don’t need). If you are not sure how to get started, you can ask advice on the Slicer forum.

It is of course very tempting to start from scratch, but users expect some minimum feature set (DICOM import, maybe automatic AI-based segmentation, synchronized slice+3D views, point placement widgets that work in slice or 3D views in volume rendering or on surface models, etc.). Even if you are a very experienced VTK developer, these would take several months to implement from scratch, and - perhaps more importantly - take continuous effort to maintain.