ImageCropFilter incorrect handles


We’re currently working on upgrading our project from an old version (17.0.0) to the most recent version of vtk.

We have a thresholding tool implemented which makes use of the ImageCroppingWidget to render a volume of the currently thresholded pixels.
The issue that since upgrading the handles on the croppingwidget are not correct anymore.
The only correct handle is the bottom left one, which is correctly activated when hovered over, as well as when dragged.

When hovering over the bottom right one in the following picture, the bottom left one is selected for some reason

I also noticed that the size of the sphere is bigger than before.

Does anyone knows what breaking change I missed?


Which version did you upgrade to? I think there was a recent regression involving picking handles when OIT was introduced, but that should be already fixed. At least, the ImageCroppingWidget example works for me.

Currently upgrading to version 23.4.1.
All other widgets seem to work as intended. It’s just this widget which extends the ImageCroppingWidget

I think 24.14.0 should fix your issue. At minimum, I think it’s this fix: fix(WebGL): fix translucent selection on WebGL · Kitware/vtk-js@9d374a4 · GitHub

I’ll try upgrading to 24.14.0.
I do have some other issues going to that one, so it might take a while for me to get back to you.

I’ll keep you posted