In the case of large models, dragging widgets is not smooth.

I rendered a large polydata (about 100000 points) on the page. I generated two Sphere widgets. When I drag the sphere, it is not smooth. I can drag the sphere smoothly after hiding the large polydata. How to make large polydata only display statically and not participate in calculation?

Can you generate a short performance profile and upload it here (or to google drive/dropbox/etc.)? I know the sphere widget used to have some perf issues with it, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

Thank you for your reply. I am trying to monitor performance through FPSMonitor. I created a demo based on Vue with vtk.js version 25.12.0. The demo includes a Sphere and several buttons in the window. You can add SphereWidgets, LineWidgets and FPSMonitor into the window. You can also set the resolution of the sphere to change the number of polys in the window.

I have tested some situations:

  • Resolution=300, 2 SphereWidgets: Moving SphereWidget obviously slows down.
  • Resolution=300, 4 LineWidgets: The FPS has dropped to 20 when moving the camera.

Also, I noticed that interaction slows down heavily when I open the browser console.
You can access the demo through this URL.