Integrate itk with vtk and vtk.web protocols and running via pvpython

Hi all,

I am running this code over here for multiviews of cone and sphere.

Instead of using paraview web protocols I’m using vtk protocols.
It is working fine.

I’m using pvpython of Paraview v5.9.0 from only to run the plication and serve the html and js files with the --content argument, cause pvpython comes with vtk and vtk.web modules.

Now, I would want to integrate itk with it, If i import itk into the current worflow, itk isn’t recognized, cause itk isn’t bundled with paraview i suppose.
What would I have to do if I need to integrate itk into the current workflow.

Or, is there a way to not use pvpython at all as a server, instead use the latest version of vtk i.e v.9** which comes with vtk.web modules and the latest version of itk 5.** with python and use my own server to serve the files. Would this work?

If not what else could be done?

Use any pre-release version of vtk available here

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Hi @ Sebastien_Jourdain.

I understood that you are asking me to use any of the pre-release versions of vtk, Thanks. I just wanted to know is there any way to integrate itk directly to the build of paraview v5.9.0 so, it can be run directly with pvpython like how I run it usually?

Thank you for your time?

Not really that is why you can use that vtk and itk version into a virtual environment for running your server without doing anything specific except calling pip install ....

Okay got it thanks.