Is it possible to draw vtkPolygon in JS?

I am using vtk in my Python (for backend) and NPM for front-end.
I have pre calculated vertices, triangles (faces), normals, uvs and textures.
I can do all normal in vtk for Python.
But it seems like lack of documentation when I try to do these things in web.
I can create vtkActors, vtkRenderer, vtkConeSource according to mentioned in official documentation. But there is no example regarding vtk Box and Polygon.
I don’t need triangulations. I just simply want to draw a shape by using my vertices, triangles, normals, uvs and textures
Can anyone guide me with simple sample code to draw a Polygon in vtk-js?

" But there is no example regarding vtk Box and Polygon"

I second that. The VTK.js API webpage is great, but for most APIs only arguments and the code are listed. Actually the most useful and helpful documentation for an API are examples how it is used in the code and for what purpose it is used.

There is the Spline widget example that can let you draw a polygon: