Is there any api like vtkStreamTracer in vtk-js?

I want to draw 3d streamline in vtk-js,now I’ve got points and Velocities for each point, but I can’t find the api vtkStreamTracer in vtk-js,what should I use except wasm?

For vtkUnstructuredGrid you don’t have much choice. Either go the wasm route or the server side computation using plain VTK.

For vtkImageData we have such filter as the cells are implicit and easy to deal with.

Thanks for answering,I got an imagedata and successfully calculate a streamline from it.
But there is another problem that I couldn’t find the pointData of the point, so I can’t map the scalars.
I check the source code of ImageStreamline,It seems that pointdata was not added to output
Is there anyway to get the pointdata or I must have to modify the ImageStreamline?

It is possible that the filter only focus on generating the geometry and not worried about scalar interpolation. If that is the case, then someone will have to implement that part. The VTK/C++ code can be used as reference if need be.