Is there more support for typescript

I can’t pass the “import vtkImageReslice from ‘@ kitware/VTK. Js/Imaging/Core/ImageReslice’” statement import vtkImageReslice in ‘.ts’ file,because The “ImageReslice. d. ts” declaration file is missing.I tried to write the “imagereslique.d. ts” file myself, but I kept getting errors.
I find that almost all the “js” files in the “Imaging” and “Interaction” directory have no ".d.ts “declaration files. Is there any plan to provide”.d.ts “declaration files for these”.js "files to better support typescript?

Yes, we are incrementally adding the typescript types as we go, but that does mean not everything will be typed currently. If you have written a ImageSlice.d.ts already, we’d love for you to contribute it upstream.