Is vtkSufaceNets3D exposed to python?

Hi, I’m interested in using vtkSurfaceNets3D mentioned in “Really Fast Isocontouring” article of the Kitware blog.

However, python vtk module seems not have vtkSurfaceNets3D. I found only vtkSurfaceNets2D.

Is there any way to call vtkSurfaceNets3D using vtk python module?

In [1]: import vtk

In [2]: vtk.__version__
Out[2]: '9.2.6'

In [3]: s2 = vtk.vtkSurfaceNets2D()

In [4]: s3 = vtk.vtkSurfaceNets3D()
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[4], line 1
----> 1 s3 = vtk.vtkSurfaceNets3D()

AttributeError: module 'vtk' has no attribute 'vtkSurfaceNets3D'

I suspect it’s a versioning issue. Try downloading something more recent or build the tool from the main branch.

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Thanks, I find that the latest vtk 9.2.6 on pypi is released 15 Feb. 2023 and that is too old.