jupyterview - A VTK Data visualization extension for JupyterLab

First of all, I would like to thank all people working on vtk.js, it is a great library!
I created jupyterview, an extension that integrates vtk.js with jupyterlab. It can read vtu, vtp, vtk , pvd file and it supports real-time collaborative visualization.

  • Visualize structured and unstructured data
  • Visualize and animate .pvd files.
  • Real-time collaborative visualization.

You can try a live demo at https://trungleduc.github.io/jupyterview
Code is available from GitHub - trungleduc/jupyterview: VTK Data visualization extension for JupyterLab


Thanks for sharing! This looks really cool and well-integrated. Well done!

I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered itkwidgets, which is similar but a different approach to 3D viz integration. I think it would be a good idea to chat with @thewtex to compare and discuss roadmaps and project direction. I would be interested to see if there are any common threads of effort for both projects.

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Hi @Forrest, yes I did use itkwidgets before and it’s super useful. But the direction here is a little bit different, jupyterview is an extension of jupyterlab and not a widget of notebooks, it does not require notebooks or kernels to operate.

I love it, thanks for sharing your work with the full community!

@trungleduc awesome work!

The goal of the next version of itkwidgets is to support JupyterLab / JupyterLite, client-side only, server-side rendering optional when a Python kernel is available, it would be wonderful to collaborate on it! Happy to chat if you have availability.