Layered rendering with multiple renderers

Hello developers,

I am stuck in a problem that seems a bit basic but still could not solve it yet.

I am using multiple rendering layers to render different kinds of Fiber tracts (Red and orange) overlaid each other. As shown in the Figure below. Red fibers are rendered always on the top of the orange fibers as they are rendered on another renderer.


This is what I needed and it worse really well. The problem rises when I visualize slices on the ordering window. Since the slices are rendered on the bottom layer, the red fibers are always rendered on the top and slices are not cutting those fibers. This is due to the fact that red fibers are rendered on the top.


Now I want some suggestions on how to solve this problem? I want the slices to cut all the fibers regardless of their rendering layers. Please note that I always want red fibers on the top of orange.

Are their any other method to achieve this?

After reading some documentation and with some guidance, I got some ideas. Can I use SetResolveCoincidentTopologyToShiftZBuffer or SetRelativeCoincidentTopologyPolygonOffsetParameters to push back the orange lines, such that red lines are always rendered on the top.

Currently I have achieved this by using multi layered rendering, but this adds other problems. Can you please guide how can I use coincident topology parameters to achieve this goal (render red tubes over orange)