Light Serialization


I’m trying to serialize a vtk scene using:

And it’s, in general, quite buggy. I noticed that there was some work done in VTK on improving this. Specifically:

Is there any documentation on the use of this new serializer?

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Those are quite different. The macro was a proof of concept showing how to serialize a scene and render it using an application like this.

The second approach is used to dynamically synchronize the render window over the network. It is used in ParaView Visualizer.

Also the macro was replaced by a C++ implementation in VTK where a Python helper is here to zip the directory and also bundle the Glance viewer along with the data.

The new implementation is available in ParaView/master or 5.7 as a web export.

Thanks for your helpful response!

I look forward to using the latest C++ implementation in the next release of VTK.