Migration of machines to gitlab-ci

Now that VTK has some jobs on CI, I’m going to schedule some of the buildbots to be migrated over to the new CI setup. This will require reimaging the machines and bringing them up using our new setup procedures. The jobs from the following machines have been ported (with notes):

  • eeloo (tsan needs ported)
  • ike (will be decommissioned; upload job for documentation needs completed)
  • trey (CI isn’t testing external deps, but that’s so rare on macOS these days; we can add precompiled binaries to the CI download step as needed)
  • bigmac (staying a buildbot due to tomviz work)

I’ll schedule eeloo and trey for reimaging by the end of the week unless I hear otherwise (note that without trey, VTK is without dedicated macOS testing hardware). Progress for overall CI migration can be see in [this issue](, but see https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/-/issues/18100).

Other machines/configurations that need ported yet:

  • adora we need CUDA to be tested in VTK yet
  • duma OSMesa testing
  • taanab EGL testing
  • mun Windows testing (next on my list)

Cc: @cory.quammen @seanm @utkarshayachit @ken-martin

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eeloo and trey have been scheduled for reimaging

mun has been scheduled since Windows CI is ready.