Missing (not found) function/object

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Dear All,

I do not know why after window render update the program do not goes on.

If I take out the sleep it goes on but the window freezes and windows system become unstable.

But with the sleep it do not run further despite it remove the actors of the window (camera).

This happens in Windows and also in Linux.


Luís Gonçalves
See the code below of my keypress handler:

def keypressed1(self, event):
    print("key: ",event['key'])
    print("keyCode: ",event['keyCode'])
    renderWindow = self.getView('-1')
    renderer = renderWindow.GetRenderers().GetFirstRenderer()
    if ((event['key']=='d') or (event['key']=='D')):

       if ((len(self.x1) == 18) and (len(self.sidex)==6)):  # this condition is obeyed.

            print("Key D")
            for x in range(6):
                renderer.RemoveActor(self.actor[x])     #it removes ok
            renderWindow.Modified()                           # the window is actualized with removed actors
            print("Key D-4")   
            sleep(1)                                                   # Needs this sleep for the actors be removed. If not the sleep, the program goes on and the client window (and perhaps of the server) freeze without removing the Actors. The Windows system turns unstable.
            print("Key D-3")                                          # This print do not happens
            plane1 = vtk.vtkPlane()
            print("Key D-2")



key: d
keyCode: 100
Key D
Key D-4

Missing (not found) function/object? Is the question related to that?

What happen if you do not call renderWindow.Modified()?