Missing return value in methods of CellArray and PolyData


In file Common/Core/CellArray/index.d.ts

	 * Returns the point indices at the given location as a subarray.
	 * @param loc
	getCell(loc: any): void;

The declared type of getCell is void instead of number.

The same way, in file Common/DataModel/PolyData/index.d.ts

	 * Get the neighbors at an edge.
	 * @param {Number} cellId The Id of the cell.
	 * @param {Vector3} point1 The first point coordinate.
	 * @param {Vector3} point2 The second point coordinate.
	getCellEdgeNeighbors(cellId: number, point1: Vector3, point2: Vector3): void;

The return type should be number instead of void.

Can you please create a PR to fix it ?

Thanks !