Moved VTK webassembly SDK docker image to new kitware/vtk-wasm-sdk

The vtk-wasm-sdk CI will now publish webassembly builds of VTK in kitware/vtk-wasm-sdk. The older kitware/vtk-wasm docker repo is no longer maintained.

There seems to be no clean way of deprecating/archiving docker images. docker/hub-feedback#907, opencontainers/image-spec!902. So I’ve resorted to publishing an empty image that displays a warning message.

If you do docker run kitware/vtk-wasm:latest, it will just print a warning message and fail to build your project.

$ docker run --rm kitware/vtk-wasm:latest 
WARNING: This image is no longer maintained. Please use instead.

If you extended the kitware/vtk-wasm image, I’m afraid there’s no way to know until you actually run a command like cmake or ninja as they do not exist in that image.

We will also update the Overview section in dockerhub to point to the new repository.