Multipass filter

Hi, I’m trying to port an old filter to the current version of paraview (vtk 8.2.0) but I’m having trouble finding the same functionalities. this is the main idea of the filter. The filter is an optimization algorithm capable of minimizing a field value with respect of the parameter used in the source to produce this field.

I have a source in the pipeline with a parameter (a continues parameter, like a slicer). Then downstream a have my filter that is capable to set a key in the pipeline to tell to my source that this parameter has change (image this as the key to handle the timestep in a temporal filter). previously this worked wel (in vtk 5)l using the key REQUEST_REGENERATE_INFORMATION that was removed from vtk. How can force to pass my key upstream so my source update the properties and the new data is generated. ( I’m using the CONTINUE_EXECUTING key but still not working).