Multiple html panels in vtk js

Hi, in the examples provided I see there is always one panel with controls.
Would it be possible to add more panels?
I searched in the code, forum and examples but I could not find anything.


Is it related to that?

Otherwise Glance is using several views.

That example show you how to bind the render window to a DOM element.

You just need to create several instances if you want more than 1 panel.

Hi Sebastien, thanks for the relpy.

No, I dont mean vtk renderers. I mean HTML panels. Like here:

I am wondering if I could add multiple ones. Like, one on the left side, another one on the bottom.
For more complex web designs and controls of VTK scenes.
Best regards

Thanks Sebastian for the example.
But I dont see a panel there, nor do I understand how to create two and add them. The code is clear and only allows one:

I am probably missing something, right?

Just create your panels in plain HTML. No need to have vtk.js handle the DOM for you.