Multiple Users + Python Launcher + VTK + MPI


Currently I have:

  • a frontend client served from Apache
  • a Python Launcher configured to start a server application
  • my VTK server

Same setup described here: ParaViewWeb

My question:
I would like my server to be able to read and render datasets in parallel. How could I use VTK with MPI in this current setup?

Thank you.

The provided launcher execute a command line. Depending on your MPI setup, you can run a distributed job from a command line, but usually, you will have to rely on a job scheduler (PBS, Slurm, …). In which case another launcher implementation will be required.


Hi Sebastien thanks for your reply.
This may be a dumb question, so my command in launcher.conf is:

"mpiexec", "-n", "8", "${python_exec}", "./", "--port", "${port}", "--authKey", "${secret}"

This successfully starts 8 processes but they all try to bind to the same port and fail. I am not super proficient in MPI so I was wondering if you have encountered a similar situation and could help understand what I can do to take advantage of my multiple processes.

So for paraview, you can get that working if you use pvbatch for your python_exec. For plain VTK/python it is going to be trickier as you will have to do the management of MPI satellite on your own as you don’t want to start the web server on those satellites.