Need help on contributing a vtk example


I’ve developed a cool VTK example of a stylized, animated atom structure. The example demonstrates the use of several classes, such as vtkEllipseArcSource and vtkLegendBoxActor.

I’ve looked through the official VTK examples repository on GitLab, but I couldn’t find a guidelines section on how to contribute. However, I found a link for developers in the src directory, but it seems to be unavailable link.

I would appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction.

New examples are welcome. Please look at VTK Examples, here, you can find the instructions in the left-hand menu in the Instructions section. For Developers would be a good place to start. If you are doing a C++ example, also read the WASM section.

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You can also start a public repository for it in GitHub ( If you’re acquainted with Git, you can share it with the world in no time.



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@amaclean Thanks for providing the links. That’s what I was looking for.

@Paulo_Carvalho Yes, I’ve already hosted the example on a public repo (GitHub - MujassimJamal/StylizedAtom: A Stylized Atom structure using The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) and C++.) in GitHub.

Anyone is welcome to check it out. Thanks!

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Thank you. That’s really a nice VTK demonstration. But, if you excuse my nitpicking, the atom model itself like a small solar system is obsolete. Electrons in an atom exist as standing waves (like those of a drum skin when we play it). Although, as you know, the accurate, probabilistic representation would be far more challenging to code.

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Well, you’re right. It’s indeed very challenging to code an accurate model. Perhaps we can consider the example as a Bohr’s model? Haha.

Anyway, my main goal was to explore and use VTK classes, which I really enjoyed.