New free video tutorials! VTK.js and OHIF web apps

What: The Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) and Kitware have teamed up to help you create amazing 3D zero-footprint medical imaging web applications using state-of-the-art open- source software. Did we mention it’s totally free and commercially friendly?!? Also, if you ever wanted to try the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the web but never knew where to start, now you can watch a few tutorial videos on VTK.js! Learn how to use VTK.js, and harness the power of 3D visualization on the web today!

Target audience: medical imaging professionals and developers looking to understand what’s possible with web apps and how to make it happen. JavaScript and graphics development experience helpful but not strictly required.

Demo and reference links:

This training course is split into four parts. First you will learn the background of the VTK and OHIF projects, and then you will learn how to start a VTK project. The third course does a deep dive into the architecture and tooling support in VTK, and the fourth course wraps up with an investigation into how VTK is used in the OHIF Viewer as a viewport extension. Course materials are available in Google Slides and expertly narrated videos by Forrest Li and James Petts, leading developers in the VTK.js and OHIF communities.

  1. Introduction to VTK.js and OHIF
  1. Developing with VTK.js:
  1. VTK.js Architecture and Tooling
  1. OHIF + VTK.js Integration

Funding for this work was provided by Kitware (NIH NINDS R44NS081792, NIH NINDS R42NS086295, NIH NIBIB and NIGMS R01EB021396, NIH NIBIB R01EB014955), Isomics (NIH P41 EB015902), and Massachusetts General Hospital (NIH U24 CA199460).

If you liked this material, you should consider coming to:

  • The OHIF Community Forum at RSNA 2019: Tuesday, December 3rd, at 4p at the OHIF exhibit in the Learning Center (IN019-EC-TUA). If you need CME credits, come to the exhibit on Tuesday from 12:15-12:45 PM

  • The National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) Project Week, a twice-yearly developer focused event. Project Week 33 will be hosted in Gran Canaria January 20th-24th 2020. See and for more details. You can meet the authors, get autographs, contribute to the projects, and more!



Is there somewhere else that this is posted. E.g., does vtk or kitware or something have a YouTube channel or some other place to store and share these things.

This seems very valuable and very interesting, but I feel if I hadn’t seen this in an email update about topics I’d missed on the vtk discourse that I would never have found it, or known it existed. Makes me wonder how many others I’ve missed.


Hi Anthony -

Kitware has a vimeo channel - not sure the exact reasoning for vimeo vs youtube - maybe someone from Kitware can chime in on that.

In terms of spreading the word about these tutorials, discourse seemed to be the right place for a blog-like posting that we can always link back to (and have as a home for discussions like this one). We also posted to a few other forums and twitter feeds, so we hope anyone searching for VTK.js and OHIF material will find this material.


We should update the vtk.js website to point out those awesome resources.


We’ve also published a blog on the Kitware website to share this information, make it easier to discover via google searches, and to provide a landing page for it for LinkedIn and other posts. You can see (and share) the blog post at

If you have other suggestions for spreading the word, please let us know!


PS> We selected Vimeo over YouTube because the licensing terms, back in the day. I forget the details, but I believe that it had something to do with who actually owns the uploaded videos and those terms conflicted with some of the government funding that we receive and our own open science ideals. I believe it is something that YouTube has since addressed, and I believe that it is something that we’re currently re-evaluating…however, that is a bit outside of my expertise, so I could be wrong on all of this :slight_smile:

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Steven, thanks for sharing this. Based on this tutorial we have built a CT / MRI segmentation client. Due to lack of documentation, I am having issues with setup of origin, direction of LabelMap as you can see in video below. Who can help by answering few questions about API in react-vtkjs-viewport

Yes, I see the issue in the video, but it’s hard to give you any advice without more details about your code and what kind of data you are working with. Sometimes the best way to get help is to make small reproducible examples that people can look at for you.