Nightly Python Releases on Anaconda

Would anyone be interested in helping set up an Anaconda recipe to build VTK from the master branch on a nightly/periodic basis to keep the Python wheels up to date with the latest developments in VTK?

I’ve also posted an issue here but I think a new feedstock might have to be created.

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@danlipsa Can the recipes you worked on be reused for this?

Yes, I think it could. VTK does not need python-optional-link.patch anymore but besides that it should work fine.

I can help setting this up.

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Aha, the recipes you have there are awesome, thanks for making those!

@danlipsa, I just pinged you on the GitHub issue for the conda-forge build of VTK. It appears we can’t even build dev releases on conda-forge until is resolved.

Perhaps, we could set up a pre-release on PyPI instead where wheels are automatically uploaded on a periodic basis.

Is there a current CI service for building the PyPI wheels? Also why are the PyPI wheels still on 8.1.2 and not 8.2?

It might be a good idea to just make a VTK channel on anaconda where we can have regular builds of VTK and specialized builds that enable things like OpenVR (ref Python rendering scene to VR)