Opacity when mapper does not interpret colors as scalar (setIndependentComponents (0)

Is there a way to adjust opacity if the mapper doesn’t interpret colors as scalars?(setIndependentComponents (0)) setOpacity does not apply.

And one more question. Does anyone have any documentation to reference about visual ordering?

When you provide the color, you should also provide the Alpha (RGBA).

For the ordering, like mentioned before to you, the issue is related to volume rendering and how to blend multiple volumes together. And that feature is not available yet in vtk.js as far as I know. Hence the issue you are running into. But if you have one volume and many geometries, then everything will be fine.

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Thank you very much for the answer.

Can I know the specific meaning of this part?

Volume = *.vti / Geometry = *.vtp

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I don’t understand you. You say that your data is not scalar based and yet you apply a transfer function based on some scalar value. Like I said, that make no sense.

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