Orientation of plot within vtkChartMatrix

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building some 2D data visualization tools based on the vtkChartXY and vtkChartMatrix classes. I’ve started by looking at these two examples:

  1. https://lorensen.github.io/VTKExamples/site/Cxx/Plotting/ChartMatrix/
  2. https://lorensen.github.io/VTKExamples/site/Cxx/Plotting/ScatterPlot/

What I’m trying to achieve now is to rotate by 90 degrees one of the four charts in the chart matrix.

By looking at the classes documentation I was not able to find a straightforward way to do so.

I found this thread (https://vtkusers.public.kitware.narkive.com/AcvHUjqH/vtkchartxy-rotate-or-flip-a-2d-chart), where the issue seems to have been solved, but I was not able to reproduce those results, nor embed them in the vtkChartMatrix. I am currently using VTK version 8.2.0.

A graphical example of what my final goal is can be found in this image, which is a raster plot with frequency histograms on both the axes.

Thank you very much for any help :slight_smile:


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Same quetion here,have you solved this?