Paraview Glance: No color mapping when data array name contains colon


I have encountered the following problem:
When a data array in a vtkjs file contains a colon in the array name (e.g. “Values: A”),
the color mapping does not work in Paraview Glance.
I.e. the mesh is displayed with a solid color instead of the contour plot using the lookup table.

Here is a file that illustrates the issue:
test_withColonInArrayName.vtu (2.4 KB)

To reproduce this issue:

  1. Load test_withColonInArrayName.vtu into Paraview 5.7.0
  2. Export the scene as vtkjs
  3. Load vtkjs file into Paraview Glance
  4. No color mapping for array “Values: A” or “Values B”

Is there a limitation concerning special characters in array names for Paraview Glance (or vtk.js) or is it possible to allow special characters in array names and get color mapping for those?


:rofl: There should be no limitation… Except that in the code for the drop-down I’m encoding the location (point/cell) along with the array name and use : as separator… That is an easy fix.

Sorry about that…

This should now be fixed in ParaView Glance 3.5.10 (stable). Let me know if if it’s still broken by any chance.

The color mapping works in 3.5.10. Thanks for the fix!