PBR Example in VTK.js don't work

I can’t seem to get the PBR example to work, nor can I run the example code on my machine and see the example display PBR. In both cases, I can fiddle with the colour and the fov, but none of the pbr settings actually work. E.g. I can’t change the metalicness, roughness, etc, and see any visible effect.

This is the example I was testing: https://kitware.github.io/vtk-js/examples/PBR/index.html

I tried running these in firefox, chrome and chrome canary with webgpu enabled.

You may have to specify in the URL that you want to use WebGPU. This has been mentioned before. (probably on the vtk.js issue list)

Thank you for the reply! I tried using Chrome Canary and enabling --enable-unsafe-webgpu, is that what you mean? Or is there some way I am supposed to modify the url of the examples to enable WebGPU? I did go through the issues list and found some similar threads, but I couldn’t find a solution. Perhaps I just missed some documentation that explains how to get the examples to work.