perimeter of output of vtkFeatureEdges

hey there.
I have used the vtkFeatureEdges to get line representation of where my data intersects with a plane (i cutted it wih vtkClipPolyData). I am wondering if there is a way to calculate and access the perimeter of the shape formed by the output of the vtkFeatureEdges.

i want to calculate perimeter of the red line:


Off of the top of my head, you probably need to create a programmable filter, or a little function to do this.

You could try grabbing the output that represents the red line, which consists of many line segments. Then for each line (lines are contained in the output lines cell array), compute its length (obviously you’ll have to get its endpoints) and accumulate the total length. This is a fairly simple approach, if the number of lines is very large, more efficient (i.e., threaded) approaches could be used.

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Thank you so much sir! It is solved my problem.