Point data from `vtkProbeFilter` lost after `vtkSelectEnclosedPoints`


It seems that point data from vtkProbeFilter (e.g. MetaImage from probing an MHA with a VTP) is lost when processed afterwards with vtkSelectEnclosedPoints (only contains SelectedPoints and vktValidPointMask). Since there is no specific “copyPointData” option and according to https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/blob/master/Filters/Modeling/vtkSelectEnclosedPoints.cxx#L227-230 I would expect that all point and cell data is copied, I suspect this might be a bug. What could be the reason that https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/blob/master/Filters/Modeling/vtkSelectEnclosedPoints.cxx#L227-230 does not copy over MetaImage point data?

PS: I saw that there is also vtkExtractEnclosedPoints in v8.2.0.rc2, however both vtkSelectEnclosedPoints and vtkExtractEnclosedPoints never finish running with v8.2.0.rc2, independent of using TBB or not, when I use them in my VTK-CLIs:

Many thanks for any help or hints.

Seems to be a bug, see: