Porting surface reconstruction to web

I’m visualizing a point cloud in browser to user, along with a set of controllers that by interacting with them, point cloud gets updated and visualized again in real time.
Now I want to visualize the surface instead of point cloud. It means by interaction of user, the new point cloud gets generated, its surface gets constructed and visualized in the realtime.

But seems like there’s no VTK.js implementation for surface reconstruction.

for such scenario what kind of solution you’ll make:
1-sending point cloud to server every time the user changes it interactively, then constructing surface on server using vtk in python, sending back to client and visualizing it
2-implementing a lightweight surface reconstrcution algorithm in javasctipt ( I’m not sure how convenient it is to do?) or maybe you can let me know of any libraries out there that does the surface reconstruction in js.
3-using web assembly or cross-compilataion schemes to port surface reconstruction from an existing vtk implementation to js. (I have no familiarity how to do that, but willing to learn if that’s not a real tricky job and there’s some resources how to do that)

I appreciate your solutions and ideas,
Best Regards,