Problem with view update since Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver update

Since the update of the intel graphics driver this morning (to driver version the background color is no more applied to my VTK View and when moving the camera the old shapes are not removed.
View with intel driver:
Expected View:
When I resize the view only the current position is displayed.
I am working with Windows 10.
When I activate the NVIDIA driver everything is fine, as it also used to be with the intel driver.
All installed versions of our applications have this problem. They are either using VTK 7.0.3 or 8.1.0.
VTK is used in a C++ library.
Is this a known bug?

Thanks for any support

Is this a Qt application or you just use plain VTK without a GUI toolkit?

We use plain VTK without a GUI toolkit

With recent Intel drivers we had to enable OpenGL compatibility profile on Windows in our Qt-based VTK applications otherwise various rendering update issues occurred. Qt creates the OpenGL context in these applications, so we had to adjust OpenGL flags in Qt, but you may give it a try to adjust the flags in vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow to tune rendering context in your pure VTK-based application.

Enable OpenGL compatibility profile on Windows did not solve the problem.
I had to uninstall the Intel driver provided by windows 10 and manually install a current driver ( and it worked as before.