Python 2 deprecation?

I’ve opened an MR to deprecate Python2 support. Any objections? We can remove it in the VTK release after the next one.


I’ve updated some of my bots to use python 3. It seems Apple added python3 in macOS 10.15 Catalina, which I never noticed before. So I set VTK_PYTHON_VERSION=3 on:

Rogue13 (macOS 10.15)
Rogue18 (macOS 11.x)
Rogue19 (macOS 12.x)

When you drop python 2 support, I’ll find a way to install 3 on the older bots.

We’ll see on cdash tomorrow if there are issues. It should fix the broken build on Rogue19 at least.


It seems that has macOS 10.6 support up to 3.7.6 (3.7.7 only has 10.9 binaries) and 10.9 is the minimum after that.

Ben, today I updated my remaining bots: Rogue7, Rogue14, Rogue15, Rogue18. We’ll see on tomorrow’s cdash. (Of course some are still red due to the ogg and fmt compiler errors.)