Python wrapper for vtkPIOReader?

Is there a python wrapper for vtkPIOReader? I am making a pipeline with dmp files and there doesn’t appear to be a method to read in the PIO file.

If the VTK::IOPIO module is not enabled in the build of VTK, it won’t get wrapped. Do you have a vtkIOPIO library anywhere? Where did you get VTK from?

pip install vtk gives me v8.1.2
and no, no vtkIOPIO library under the
anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/vtk directory

Then there’s no PIO support in that wheel. It looks like the module was added in only Nov 2019, so 8.x won’t have it anyways.

Okay, I’ll convert the files first. Thanks for the quick response, Ben.